A Couple of Things You Need to Know About a Bulk Beef Jerky

Most of the grocery stores and shops only stock two or three brands of jerky you can be shocked to know that there are so many other brands which are soled all across the united States. Some of them are expensive than others while others are low in quality. If you want to know whether you get value for money for the jerky you buy or tell the difference between good and low quality jerky then look out for the following. It should taste like real meat. If you buy jerky from the major brands you will find out that it won't have meat flavor because it has been added a lot of flavors and preservatives. You should take a bite of the jerky and find out if it has beef flavor as it would if you were eating grilled steak. Visit

The second one is that it should chew like real meat.
The problem with some jerky brands is that they either add too much sugar and when eating it feels like chewing gum or they cook it too long in such a way that it turns crumbly. The best jerky should be just like real meat when eating it from chewing to it's taste. The third one is that a lot of jerky produced together will have low beef grades that will not be chewable. You might even encounter fat or even large chunks of meat. The best jerky is supposed to be lean and it should just be like real meat.

The fourth one is that it should live up to it's advertised flavor. A jerky should taste just as the packaging States. If the packaging states it would be hot then it should be just that not less. The fifth one is that it should not be tough. If it was in the old days maybe tough jerky could have been accepted but nowadays  most companies make beef jerky which is all natural and still retain it's tender texture just like a grilled steak would be. You should look for something easier to chew if your jaws get too tired while chewing. Also read more here

The six one is about preservatives. Jerky is produced using different preservatives including sodium nitrite and sodium erythorbate. However these days consumers don't have to subject themselves to these ingredients as vacuum packaging and oxygen absorbers can be used to increase the shelf life of the jerky. The last one is whether it makes you eat more. The surest way to confirm whether it is the best jerky is that you should feel like eating more and more. If a jerky satisfies your urge to snack then it's a  good one as jerky is a snack food. View
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